The WebWatcher project

WebWatcher is an exciting little program. Essentially, it can be used to monitor several pages and warn you as soon as they change. So, instead of always coming back to pages that never change, you can actually only visit your favorite web sites when they have changed. It can also be used for looking into online databases (such as job database) for new items (like new jobs). With time, it will be used to monitor prices on web sites and even allow you to get instantly the best price for an item. It has been tested both with Windows and Linux. It is entirely Open Source (GPL), of course.

The whole idea of WebWatcher is that a browser is an overkill for most tasks. Monitoring a Web page shouldn't be done through a browser but rather an application like WebWatcher. This being said, WebWatcher could output its results as HTML files.

The program was designed and made available by Sverre initially but we are hoping to see more and more developers joining this project.

Have fun!